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Conclusion The last part of a five-paragraph essay is the conclusion. Not only it concludes the essay but also provides a sense of completion to the essay. Remember that people remember what they read last and a good conclusion can definitely leave footprints on the reader’s mind and ultimately create an everlasting impression of the essay. For conclusion too, there are many different approaches and any one can be selected depending on the topic and the mood of an essay. Some common approaches are: • To simply restate the thesis statement and review the essay’s important point so as to make things clearer to reader. Restating the thesis statement in a conclusion reminds reader of the central theme of an essay and help in fully understanding the thesis statement with reference to the support provided earlier. • To present predictions and thoughts. Presenting the future in your conclusion invokes the thinking process of the reader and persuades the reader to think about the topic of an essay. • To present a quotation in the conclusion, that is related to the topic or an idea the writer is trying to prove. Using quotations in this part gives a new look at the thesis statement and helps the reader to analyze the central idea with a different frame of reference.

But you must leave a perception that is robust.

There are no rules and conventions when writing conclusions. In short, an effective conclusion is interesting, provides completion to the essay, leaves a lasting impression on the reader’s mind, forces the reader to think with the writer’s perspective and eventually persuades the reader to appreciate and respect the writer’s ideas and conclusions. Education So many things in such a short part? That is why it is the most difficult part of an essay. Failure to create a conclusion having the above-mentioned characteristics will lead to a bad last impression and may ruin even the best essays. п»ї

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